Bhakti Mathew is an independently-published author and freelance journalist. 

Her work has been published in Mental Floss,, CNN Travel, Marie Claire (USA), South China Morning Post, and more. 

Bhakti writes independently-published fiction. View her books here.

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Blogging New Novel (Paranormal) Now:


Mumbai, 2001. The leaves in the garden rustled in the dark. The child tossed uneasily on the bed, his sleep restless from an upset tummy. The rustling grew urgent and insistent. The child woke up, and listened lazily from his bed. He wished his mother were here. His stomach hurt. Maybe he’d go to her room. … Continue reading “Prologue”

New Paranormal Book

I intend to write my forthcoming Paranormal / horror ebook via posts on this blog, one day / one post at a time. I’m not yet sure if I can finish the entire book this way, or within what time period. Just trying to get back to writing, for now. The (tentative) name of the … Continue reading “New Paranormal Book”