Bhakti writes on a wide variety of topics, from how the ideas in Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In apply (or don’t apply) to the Indian woman (Mint), to interviewing and profiling Bollywood celebrities and authors, to bemoaning the state of modern friendships and more.

Her byline has appeared in international and Indian publications such as CNN Travel, Marie Claire (USA)South China Morning PostThe National (UAE), Business Standard, Good Housekeeping, The Hindu, MintWomen’s eNews,  The WIPFriday Magazine (Gulf News)Deccan Herald, New Indian Express, and SpiceRoute.

Bhakti reports and writes features and essays on:

Coming of Age of Bollywood Sports Movies (South China Morning Post)

– Interview with ‘Queen’ Movie Director Vikas Bahl (South China Morning Post)

Young Bollywood Actresses Take to Film Production (South China Morning Post)

A critical essay on the surge of Bollywood actors on the Hollywood scene (SpiceRoute, SpiceJet Inflight Mag)

A critical essay on how an increasing number of Hindi soaps are taking up feminist causes (The WIP, USA)

– Bollywood’s FilmCity Studio to Welcome Tourists (The National, UAE) 

Culture, Fashion, Beauty, & Lifestyle:
– Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Chic New Signature Restaurant in Abu Dhabi (The National, UAE)

– Padmaja Krishnan, new-age eco-chic designer (Deccan Herald)

– Lumiere, An All-organic, Fine-dining Restaurant (New Indian Express)

– The Five Most Popular Indian Silk Saree Weaves (Deccan Herald)

– Best Anti-aging Foods (Deccan Herald)

Art: Dance:
– The Salsa Twins bring their act to the Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival (The National, UAE)

– Jyotsna B Rao & the Emerging Indian Contemporary Dance Scene (Deccan Herald)

Art: Books:
Three Authors on Why They Left India for Good…and Why Two of Them Returned (The Hindu Literary Review)

Amish Tripathi: The Entrepreneurial Author & His Million Dollar Advance (The National UAE)

– Q&A: Neha Vora’s Impossible Citizens explores an Indian identity within the Emirates (The National, UAE)

– New Book Seeks to Change Perspectives on Indian Motherhood (The WIP)

Social Media:
– 10 Years of Facebook (Fatigue) – The Hindu

Education & Learning:
– Learning online, anytime (Deccan Herald)

– Building confidence in learning-disabled children (Deccan Herald)

– 16 Artist Hangouts You Can Still Go To (CNN Travel)

– Mumbai’s FilmCity Studio to Welcome Tourists (The National, UAE)

– Mumbai’s art deco heritage a nod to a history of style (The National, UAE)

– Slow Travel: The Idea is to ‘Live in’ (The Hindu)

Feminism, Gender Issues, Women’s Special:
– Mary Kom: A Fight Club & a Biopic (Marie Claire, USA)

Know Your Rights: A Quick Guide to Women’s Legal Rights in India (Good Housekeeping)

– Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Meena Ganesh & Rashmi Bansal on ‘Leaning In’ and the Working Woman (Mint)

– How an increasing number of Hindi soaps are taking up feminist causes (The WIP, USA)

Ecology & Sustainability:
– Elrhino Saves the Planet with Poo (Business Standard)

– Catching Them Young: Teaching Kids to Value the Environment (Deccan Herald)

– Padmaja Krishnan, New-age Eco-chic Designer (Deccan Herald)

– Sustainable mantras from IISc Prof Chanakya (Deccan Herald)

Development Issues:
– India seeks to improve sanitation by urging men to build toilets to woo brides (Women’s eNews)

– Mary Kom: A Fight Club & a Biopic (Marie Claire, USA)

Personal Essay:
Of Daughters & Grandmothers (Women’s Web)

– Mary Kom: A Fight Club & a Biopic (Marie Claire, USA)

Bangalore-based Features Writer & Freelance Journalist