Bhakti Bapat Mathew is a freelance journalist. Born and raised in Mumbai, India, a city of a gazillion stories and contrasts, Bhakti now considers herself an expert at over-analysing things till stories begin to emerge fast and quick from the most mundane of situations.

Holding a master’s degree in management studies, Bhakti surprised her family by chucking a ‘path to management’ and making good on her life-long threat to write for a living. Bhakti worked in the ‘Content’ field for over seven years, in jobs ranging from team lead in instructional design to content sourcing manager for a Bangalore-based IPTV brand, to senior analyst at a Big 3 consulting firm.

It’s always been Bhakti’s dream to work ‘flex’ hours, and not let the stringent schedule of a corporate job dictate her life. After chucking her nth job, Bhakti finally embraced the freelance lifestyle. Bhakti now writes for publications such as CNN Travel, Marie Claire (USA)South China Morning Post, The National, Business Standard, MintThe Hindu and more. View her portfolio here.

Bhakti writes short stories in her free time. Some of her fiction has been published in literary magazines such as Reading Hour. She also loves writing about Writing. Check out her blog on all things Writing here.

Edinburgh-based Features Writer & Freelance Journalist