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The CEO's Favorite Doctor: A 'Love Triangle' Sweet Romance Novella (The Billionaires' Guild Book 4) by Bhakti Mathew -- Free Book

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Hugh Regan was having a terrible week.
As if the stress from his job as CEO at Regan & Associates wasn’t enough, his ex-girlfriend had to run off with Hugh’s bestfriend. From childhood. While shouting and hurling expletives at his ex-bestfriend had been momentarily cathartic, it had also landed Hugh in the hospital for the fall he’d had in the aftermath.

On the way to the hospital, Hugh made a pact with his maker that if he made it in one piece, he’d swear off women and lead a quiet life. Imagine his surprise then, when the doctor assigned to him is the beautiful Elizabeth Davis.

Liz does not consider herself to be a beauty. She’s also not given to being scared off by overly loud, angry billionaires. As Hugh does his best to get her kicked off his care team, he cannot help but feel intrigued by the pretty, self-contained doctor tending to him with about the worst bedside manner anyone could possibly have.

Can these two find common ground just long enough to complete Hugh’s stay at the hospital? What happens when they find themselves getting attracted to the best and worst in one another?

This is a wholesome, romantic comedy novella.

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‘The CEO’s Favorite Doctor: A Wholesome Romantic Comedy’ by Bhakti Mathew