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How They Did It (Authors): Advaita Kala

This week, we continue the How They Did It series on this blog (a series of interviews that chronicles the journey of successful writers from newbies to writing stars) with an interview with the super-talented author and scriptwriter, Advaita Kala. Advaita’s first book Almost Single was a publishing trend-setter in India. The super-picky Publisher’s Weekly described it in truly positive terms (…Kala achieves what many cannot—she makes her readers laugh aloud…”). Not one to rest on her laurels, Advaita followed it up with writing the script for the commercial and critical success, Kahaani. So, without further ado, presenting Advaita Kala! Continue reading How They Did It (Authors): Advaita Kala

Why Precision in Your Writing Matters

I had an interesting conversation on the subject of Precision with the husband a few days back. And since then, I have been mulling about how what he said applies to writers as well.

Basically, he gave a few examples of excellence and precision (yup, we’re geeks, him more than me, so yes, we do talk like that now and then! ) : Lego, Swiss watches and German machine tools…no, this is not a plug (at least not a paid one) for any of these products…but each one is known for, you guessed it — Precision: Exacting standards in product-making, which makes the product stand out over every other competitor.

Continue reading Why Precision in Your Writing Matters

Writing Life & ‘The Year of Penny’

Like some of you might know, the character of Penny in the American sitcom Happy Endings (that was playing in India in 2012-13) is a sweet nerd, who decides at the beginning of every year that it’s going to be ‘The Year of Penny’. You know — the year when she gets a cool job/gets promoted/finds Mr. Right etc.

Inspired by Penny, I decided at the beginning of 2013 that this was going to be ‘The Year of Bhakti’ (I’m just nerdy enough to not find that corny). This was the year I was going to write for the New York Times and complete my novel. This was also the year when I was going to stick to a diet and lose weight. See, I thought my time had finally come. My kid was over a year old, and I had mostly got the hang of things vis-a-vis motherhood. Or so I thought. Continue reading Writing Life & ‘The Year of Penny’