Chapter 9: The CEO’s Favorite Doctor

Liz had approached Hugh Regan’s suite with a feeling of wariness mixed with hope. Hugh Regan was bad-tempered, but if Dr. Whitman was asking her to meet him there, then an earthquake couldn’t have stopped her. Dr. Whitman was a gentleman, and a favorite among the staff. He was sweet-tempered, kind, and a very good doctor. He had to be, Liz thought, for Tiffany to hire him. Her boss was a discerning woman, not given to hiring people based on their looks and charm. No, she was exacting and notoriously hard to please. So, if Dr. Whitman was a Tiffany-hire like her, Liz just knew that meant he was really good at his job. 

Liz ran her fingers through her hair before entering the room. Then she sighed. It was unlikely that she’d catch someone like Dr. Whitman’s eye. She wasn’t beautiful like her sisters, nor born with a smart mouth that teased and flirted with men till they became a ball of putty in her hands. Besides, Dr. Whitman had more than the usual share of attention from women in the hospital. This included the wealthy patients that seemed to come in more often since his arrival, just so they could flirt with him. Then there were the other doctors and the pretty, young nurses in the hospital. Liz was a distant possibility, she knew.  

Still, she mused, a girl could hope. Maybe, today was the day Dr. Whitman would finally take note of her. She wet her lips and knocked on the door to Hugh’s suite. As she entered the room, her eyes searched for Dr. Whitman. Instead, she spotted the spoilt billionaire Hugh Regan first. She told herself she wouldn’t let him get under her skin. She was here for Dr. Whitman and that was all. She gave Hugh a curt nod, hoping he was in a better mood today. 

Then she looked into Dr. Whitman’s gorgeous, soulful eyes and felt herself go weak and forget everything else. As she regarded the other doctor, she couldn’t help taking a second to admire his even, supremely striking features. Dr. Whitman was tall, easily a few inches over 6 feet. His hair was like a work of art, gorgeous, silky strands falling down his forehead, giving him a slightly boyish, and to Liz, a completely irresistible look. She resisted the impulse to brush the hair off his eyes, and asked a little tentatively if he’d called her. 

Dr. Whitman nodded and smiled a toothy, open smile at Liz. This is how a man ought to be, Liz found herself thinking. Dr. Whitman was so friendly, so open with those around him. He put them at ease and people responded to his sweetness of temper by opening up in turn.  

Liz had heard difficult patients who few other doctors could placate, turn into giggling, happy souls when they were at the receiving end of his charm. If the hospital’s rumor mills were to be believed, old Mrs. Taylor, a wealthy widow who was notoriously difficult to please, had told Dr. Tiffany Gupta in no uncertain terms that she would only deal with Adam Whitman. Liz couldn’t fault Mrs. Taylor. By Liz’s estimation, Dr. Whitman embodied all the qualities a modern doctor should have. He had a great bedside manner, and was Tiffany-approved. The fact that he was extraordinarily attractive was just a bonus. 

She gave a start when Dr. Whitman’s mellifluous voice addressed her. She told herself to pay attention. Was that a snort she heard from Hugh Regan, she wondered. She turned to him and sent him a glare, just in case. 


Hugh glanced at the two doctors in front of him. Dr. Whitman was saying, “Dr. Davis, yeah, thank you for coming! I was just going over the list of tests you’ve jotted down for Mr. Regan here. He — I mean, I — was wondering if we do need the test for trachardia after all. The technician isn’t available today, and Mr. Regan needs to go home. 

Liz frowned and glanced at Hugh. Hugh gave her a satisfied, smug smile that he had no doubt would rile her up even more. He was curious how she’d react. Judging by her fawning response to Dr. Whitman thus far, he mused, she mostly likely would give in. He’d be a free man, finally. He wondered why the thought depressed him a little. 

To his surprise, Liz shook her head at Dr. Whitman, “In my opinion, Mr. Regan needs to wait a day or two here so the hospital can get a chance to take a closer look at him, Dr, Whitman.” Privately, Liz was a little surprised at the ease with which Dr. Whitman had seemed to acquiesce with Hugh’s demands to be let out. Then, she shook her head. There had to be a reason Dr. Whitman had thought it okay to discharge Hugh Regan. But she felt differently herself. 

Liz turned to Hugh, “I know you’re a busy man, Mr. Regan. But you’re also a smart man. Surely, you must know that the tests written for you haven’t been put in there simply based on a whim. They’re there for a reason. I do feel you need to be closely monitored.” 

Hugh was frowning at her. Liz went on, a little more softly, “I know you’ve suffered a terrible, personal setback, Mr. Regan. But that’s all the more reason for you to stay back and let us take care of you.”  

Hugh glanced at Liz in astonishment. Just when he thought he’d had her all figured out, Hugh thought, she’d shown a different side to her. Hugh noted with grudging respect that even though Liz clearly seemed to have a tiny crush on Dr. Whitman, much like his sister, she’d still stood up for her beliefs and was strong enough to speak her mind, her crush notwithstanding. He found himself wondering what it’d be like to be at the receiving end of her devotion, and felt a little envious of the oily, male doctor. 

He nodded at Liz, and said, “As you wish, Dr. Davis. Thank you for being candid. I won’t enjoy staying back here at the hospital’s mercy, but I’ll live.” 

Hugh turned to Dr. Whitman, “Thank you, Doc. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m feeling a little tired. I think I’ll lie down for some time.” 

Dr. Whitman nodded vigorously, “We’ll get out of your hair, Mr. Regan.”  

Hugh felt a flash of annoyance as the man took Liz by the arm and left the room. 

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‘The CEO’s Favorite Doctor: A Wholesome Romantic Comedy’ by Bhakti Mathew