Chapter 5: The CEO’s Favorite Doctor

Hugh saw the woman’s scrubs and realized with a start that she was the doctor his sister and the nurse had been referring to. That’s right. Just when he’d needed to stay away from women, of course he’d been assigned to a lady doctor, he thought angrily. And of course, she had to be young and beautiful too, the exact kind of woman he’d been hoping to stay away from. The kind that would cause unnecessary drama, or break his heart. Or both. 


Dr. Elizabeth Davis, Liz, had grown up around two extraordinarily beautiful and accomplished sisters. Her eldest sister, Anne Davis Hunt, had been a rising young star in Hollywood before she’d pivoted into film direction and marriage to billionaire hotelier Mark Hunt. 

Her other sister, Katherine Davis, had blazed a different kind of a trail, but one just as extraordinary, if not more. She’d graduated from Yale Law and brought down a gang of corrupt, white collar government officials. Kat had then joined the United Nations and later married her bestie, tech entrepreneur and billionaire Archer Steele.  

Had Liz not been a good decade younger than her sisters, she mused, she’d have been more than a little envious of them. Her sisters, who seemed to look effortlessly lovely all the time and were both super-achievers, and who just as effortlessly charmed everybody around them. But because of the decade-long age difference between her and her older sisters, instead of feeling threatened by the extraordinary women around her, she’d felt blessed to be showered with all the possible love and affection in the world from two of the strongest, most extraordinary women she’d known. 

Yes, Liz had always been the baby of the family, and been pampered beyond imagination. To be fair though, the pampering had vanished after her father had needed to be hospitalized when Liz had been just six years old. It had been a horrible time for her family. It had been tough watching her handsome, energetic father, a dashing District Attorney who everyone had said was destined for great things, suddenly become a shadow of his former self. All because of a car accident caused by the thugs of the man her father had put behind bars for corruption.  

After that incident, her two sisters and she had had to grow up overnight. Anne, her oldest sister, had taken over the mantle of the head of the family in some ways, since their mother was herself injured and was later too busy looking after their father. Kat, her other sister, who was a couple of years younger than Anne, and over nine years older than Liz, had spent all her time studying to get into law school so she could one day seek justice on behalf of their Dad.  

Thanks to the hard work of her two sisters, thought Liz, Liz and her parents had finally begun leading a much more comfortable life than they had following their father’s accident.  

But all of the rough years of her childhood had taken their toll on Liz. Even now, after all those years, Liz still constantly expected the sky to fall, for the good things in her life to be suddenly taken away from her. 

And the other side-effect of growing up in the shadow of her two extraordinarily charismatic sisters had been a crippling sense of inferiority over her own looks. No, thought Liz, she would never be a beauty. She was instead the bookish, smart one, or at least, she tried to be. She had to. She’d realized at a young age that she could never compete with her sisters where looks or charm were concerned. But she was smart, and she’d learned to use that as a strength.  

As a result, now at age 32, while Dr. Liz Davies had complete confidence in her abilities as a doctor when on the job , she often felt paralyzed with fear where dating or men her age were concerned. How could Liz hope to catch a man’s eye, she’d often wonder, when she only had about a tiny fraction of the good looks or flair women like her sisters had? But give her a patient, even an angry, filthy rich one, and she could make magic happen. 

Yes, mused Liz as she read the case notes of her newest patient, one Hugh Regan. Thanks to her sisters and the astronomically wealthy men they’d married, Liz was comfortable around very rich, very entitled people. She’d learned early in her young life that the rich might be more privileged, but they weren’t shielded from either heartbreak, ill health, or hubris. That they just deluded themselves into thinking they were exempt from life’s ups and downs.  

Liz counted as one of her strengths that she was far from intimidated by the odd billionaire she encountered. And certainly not someone who’d landed in the hospital because of a shouting match he’d had, she mused, clutching the case file and walking towards the suite assigned to Hugh Regan. 

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‘The CEO’s Favorite Doctor: A Wholesome Romantic Comedy’ by Bhakti Mathew