Chapter 4: The CEO’s Favorite Doctor

Kelly felt a little relieved when the ambulance arrived within minutes of Tim making the call. She rushed in after Hugh, ignoring the paramedics asking her to stay away. The ambulance crew finally relented when they saw how worried Kelly was, and that Hugh actually seemed to be responding to her. 

Kelly had grabbed Hugh’s hand and was whispering to him urgently. “C’mon Hugh. Please don’t let Savannah and Damon win. You’re too good to let those two get to you this way. Show them, Hugh. C’mon, please, dear God.” 

Whether Kelly’s words had their impact or not, Hugh found himself slowly coming back to consciousness. He returned Kelly’s pressure on his hand with some effort. Kelly’s eyes opened in shock and she smiled at his fluttering eyes. “Hugh! Oh, thank god. Hugh, please, you’re going to be okay!” 

The ambulance crew gently pushed aside Kelly and took Hugh’s vitals again. The paramedic finally addressed both Hugh and Kelly, “You’re doing much better, Mr. Regan. We’ll be reaching the hospital in the next few minutes, and the doctors will run tests to figure out what went wrong. In the meantime, please try to relax. Don’t try to speak if it’s an effort. We’ll be there soon.” 

Kelly murmured a ‘thank you’ to the paramedic and turned her attention back to Hugh.  


Hugh had heard the paramedic but had found it difficult to say or do anything beyond a tiny nod. He was grateful Kelly was there with him, but he worried about causing her that much of unnecessary stress. He knew she’d soundly berate him if he said a word about it later. So, he decided to do what the paramedic had said. He’d tried not to panic or worry too much about what had gone wrong. Instead, he decided it was the perfect time to make his peace with whoever was up there, writing his destiny up in heaven. 

If I do make it out of this whole mess in one piece, he found himself thinking, I’m going to make a few changes. First of all, no more women. God, no. Not even one. They hate me anyway, and the feeling is quite mutual, to be honest. I have Savannah to thank that for.  

His heart felt heavy as he thought about Savannah. With Damon. But he pushed that thought aside and forced himself to think about the positive changes he’d make.  

So, yeah, when this is over and behind me, he thought, I’m going to do some good in the world. It won’t be just about making money anymore. I would want to leave this world eventually knowing I helped good things happen. Please, let me get through this. And you’ll see a better version of me. No women. Just a quiet, fruitful life. Just me, all by myself, with my family and my team of course, doing things that’ll make the world a better place. 

There, he had something to look forward to, he told himself. A chance to steer clear of all women and thus, all heartbreak. But maybe more importantly, to leave a legacy of good deeds. It was the perfect plan. Now, all he had to do was actually make it out of this in one piece. 


Having made up his mind about what he’d do next, Hugh found himself slowly being lulled to sleep. When he woke up, he was in a huge, plush, hospital room, with Kelly sitting next to him. Some kind of an oxygen mask had been placed on his nose.  

Hugh pushed the mask aside. He had no difficulty breathing, and was in fact feeling well-rested. It was time to go. He waved his hand to catch Kelly’s attention. Kelly, who had been typing furiously on her phone, looked up and met Hugh’s eyes. 

“Hugh! You’re awake!” 

Hugh nodded at Kelly and attempted a smile. He was a little surprised to find that his face felt a little sore, like even smiling felt like a big effort. He brushed off the observation. He’d suffered a fall, probably from feeling a little dizzy. He’d skipped both lunch and dinner after all, because he’d been so busy working, and downed nearly the whole bottle of Scotch on an empty stomach. Of course, he’d have been dizzy. Who wouldn’t, with that combination of events? It was all perfectly normal and natural. No need to make a big fuss out of it. If his face felt sore, that was to be expected from a fall like that. 

He tried to get up, but his body felt like lead. Kelly sprang to him, after pressing a tiny button near his bed. No doubt to call the nurse, Hugh thought morosely. He must tell Kelly to stop fussing. He tried to speak, but only managed to croak a few words before gasping for breath. “I’m fine, Kelly!” Hugh wheezed.  

“Don’t speak, Hugh. Just try and relax. I’ve called for the nurse,” Kelly commanded. 

Hugh was a little annoyed at what he thought was a big song and dance over nothing. But, since he was feeling too tired to argue, he stayed silent. 

A nurse walked in, “Oh, Mr. Regan, good to see you’re awake. Are you feeling okay?” 

Hugh nodded. 

The nurse smiled and replied, “That’s great, I’ll let the doctor know. Please try and relax. Is there anything I can get for you?” 

Hugh shook his head and the nurse continued, “Alright, I’ll go get the doctor. It won’t take long.” 

The nurse walked briskly out of the room. Kelly squeezed Hugh’s hand, “Don’t worry, Hugh. The doctor here is excellent. We spoke and I have to say I was impressed. I-” 

Before she could continue, the door swung open again and Hugh looked in amazement as a really young, fresh-faced woman strode in.  

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‘The CEO’s Favorite Doctor: A Wholesome Romantic Comedy’ by Bhakti Mathew