Chapter 11: The CEO’s Favorite Doctor

Kelly strode towards Liz, watching the young doctor jot something in her notes. When she reached her, she said, “Hello Dr. Davis, I was wondering if I could have a word with you?” 

Liz smiled at Kelly, “Please, it’s Liz. And sure, what’s on your mind?” 

Kelly smiled warmly at Liz and replied, “I was wondering if we could talk a little about Hugh’s tests. Please know that he isn’t the one who sent me. He’s too upfront to not do that himself. But it’s been worrying me and I thought I’d ask you. Is everything alright? Or, are you suspecting anything serious going on with Hugh?” 

Liz shook her head, “I’m so sorry to have alarmed you and Mr. Regan, Miss Regan. I should have been clearer. Mr. Regan’s test results so far look quite good. But I saw the last time I checked up on him that his hands were a little yellowish, and the fingers seemed a little stiff. So, I thought it’d be nice to do some testing to rule it out. But even if the test does come positive, please know that it isn’t an alarming condition at all. And when you catch it at the very beginning, it’s mostly just taking a supplement daily like you’d take your vitamins. Caught this early and managed from the get-go, Mr. Regan will never have to seriously worry about it at all. But if it’s ignored for years, then it does progressively affect your health, though even then, it’s rarely serious.” 

Kelly let out a breath, “Oh thank god, Liz. I was getting so worried. I’ll convince Hugh to stay back and get the tests done. But, to be honest, I don’t think he needs any convincing. Not after you spoke with him a few minutes ago. He can be a pain in the neck, but he’s smart and has always been able to accept when he’s wrong.” 

Liz could see Kelly and Hugh were close, and she said, “He does seem resilient, Miss Regan. That was quite a blow his friend and fiancée dealt. But he seems to be taking it well now, all things being considered.”  

Kelly nodded, “He really is. And someday, when he’s recovered from the whole Savannah fiasco, he’ll make a very lucky girl very happy. There’s nothing two-faced about my brother. You get what you see. And what you get is a heart of gold. He might not have the charm or the drop-dead good looks like a certain doctor we know, but he’s the real deal.” 

Liz blushed and stuttered, “I’m not sure I understand, Miss Regan.” 

Kelly laughed, “It’s Kelly, please. I was just kidding. But yeah, that Dr. Whitman, phew. I don’t how you women around here keep your heads.” Kelly began fanning herself.  

With shining eyes, Liz replied with a soft giggle, “He really is something, isn’t he?” 

Kelly nodded enthusiastically, while noting in dismay that Liz really did seem to have a crush on Dr. McSteamy. Hugh was right. So much for her plans for Hugh and Liz getting together, Kelly thought. But she added indulgently, “Yup, he certainly brightens up this place. But enough about him. Can I buy you a coffee, if you’re on a break? I badly need one myself, and could do with company a little less grumpy than my baby brother. But if you’re busy, then maybe some other time.” 

Liz shook her head, “I’m not busy at the moment. And, I’d really like a latte myself.” 

Kelly’s face brightened, “Lead the way then, Doc!” 

They walked towards the cafeteria. Kelly listened intently as Liz told her about the various departments at the hospital. Although Kelly’s parents were patrons of the hospital, Kelly had never really taken a look around. She found Liz’s earnest tour refreshing. Inwardly, Kelly shook her head. It was too bad Liz liked someone else, but Kelly was smart enough to respect it. Pushing two people together against their will never worked. And her baby brother might not survive a second heartbreak. She’d just have to find someone else as nice as Liz for Hugh. 

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‘The CEO’s Favorite Doctor: A Wholesome Romantic Comedy’ by Bhakti Mathew