Chapter 10: The CEO’s Favorite Doctor

Alone in the room with Hugh, Kelly said in a dreamy voice, “He’s really something, isn’t he? The dashing Dr. Whitman, I mean. Even Dr. Liz felt it, I’m certain. I’m telling you, Hughie, if getting sick is what it takes to get that man to examine my body, I’m all for it.” 

Hugh shouted, “On my god, Kelly, that’s disgusting.” 

Kelly laughed merrily and took Hugh’s hand. “I was only joking, Hughie. Besides, with the pretty Dr. Liz 

in the running, I don’t think I stand a chance!” 

Hugh said to Kelly, “You never know, Kel. He seemed to have responded to you. I say, give it a shot. Dr. Liz is a big girl. She’ll be fine if you and Whitman start something.” 

Kelly eyed him in surprise, “Well,” she drawled, “This is a first. You’ve always wanted to beat up the men I wanted to date. Never, in all these years, have I ever got a go-ahead from you.” 

Hugh shrugged, “He’s a doctor. So, it’s reasonable to assume he is smart. Besides, you two seemed to be hitting it off well.” 

Kelly shook her head, “Why do I get the feeling that this is less about me finding the right man, and all about you having found the right woman? This is about Liz, isn’t it? You want her for yourself, and so, you think if I get together with dishy Dr. Whitman, then Liz can be all yours?” 

Hugh glared at her, “That is ridiculous, Kel, and you know it. Besides, you know how terrible I am at picking women. I’m much better off without one. I mean, once the whole Savannah debacle is deep into the past, I might actually start thinking about dating again. But as things stand now, and for the next few years, just no, Kel. I can’t be hurt again.” 

Kelly took Hugh’s hand. “Don’t let someone like Savannah turn you away from real relationships, Hugh. Savannah was wrong for you all along. Someone like Liz, though, now she’d be perfect.” 

Hugh was a little gratified by Kelly’s words and asked eagerly, “Why, though? Why do you think she’d be perfect for me?” 

Kelly looked seriously at him and said, “Well, for one, she’s a smart, independent, and level-headed woman. Plus, she’s pretty. But most of all, Tiffany Gupta had nothing but good things to say about her. And you and I both know that counts for something.” 

Hugh nodded, “That maybe so, Kel. But judging by how enamored our little Dr. Liz seemed around Dr. Whitman, I think all of this is moot. Besides, I mean it, Kel, I can’t get involved with anyone right now. There’s just too much to process.” 

Kelly let out a sigh, “Look at us two, Hugh. Why are we so unlucky in love? I suppose it’s no use whining, though. We’ve been blessed far too much for too long to start whining now.” 

Kelly got up determinedly, “I’m going to go speak with Dr. Liz Davis and see if there’s really something bothering her about your results so far. If not, let’s speak with Tiffany and get you checked out. And Hugh, once you’re out of here, promise me you’ll take better care of yourself. That means staying calm, and not let people and situations get you all worked up.”    

Hugh replied softly, “I promise, Kel. Thank you for being here. I know I’m not the easiest person to be around. But I really do appreciate everything you do for me.” 

Kelly smiled warmly, “You’re not hard being around at all, Hughie. It’s just a matter of getting to know you well enough. Anyone who truly knows you, believe me, would find it impossible not to love you to the moon and back. You’re a sweetie, Hugh. A loud-mouth but one with a heart of gold. Those that can’t see that, it’s to their detriment, please believe me. You’re better off without such people in your life.”  

Hugh stared at the foot of the bed, hoping the moment would pass without the tears gathering in his eyes slipping through. Kelly patted his shoulder and gave a peck on his forehead and then she was gone. 

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‘The CEO’s Favorite Doctor: A Wholesome Romantic Comedy’ by Bhakti Mathew