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How They Did It (Freelance Journalists): Mridu Khullar Relph

She’s been a trailblazer in Indian freelance journalism. Dynamic and proactive to the core, her focus, intellect and drive are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Mridu Khullar Relph, award-winning international journalist and author-in-waiting, is a regular writer for publications such as the New York Times, TIME, ABCCNN, Elle and more. In the interview below, Mridu offers practical advice on how to cut it as a freelance journalist, no matter what part of the world you belong to.

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Networking Dreams of a Writer

English poet John Donne’s famous (but admittedly hackneyed) line ‘No man is an island’ can be especially apt for a writer. Networking with like-minded writers or authors who have already made it can have immense benefits, as opposed to writing in isolation.

For a long time, I kept my dream of becoming an author deeply buried within me, barely acknowledging it to my own self, leave alone to others around me. I made little headway with that approach.

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How They Did It (Authors): Milan Vohra

She looks radiant, is warm and funny, and has the energy and enthusiasm of a teenager. Milan Vohra, India’s first Mills & Boon author who went on to write the hugely popular Tick-Tock We’re 30 (Westland), had an illustrious career in advertising before beginning her innings as an author (she was previously Creative Director at JW Thompson). These days, Milan expertly juggles between her various roles — mother, wife, author and advertising consulting guru.

Milan’s interview is the latest one in the How They Did It series on this blog (interviews that track the stories of successful authors and bloggers from their days as newbies to eventual success; and where authors offer tips to aspiring writers).

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How They Did It (Bloggers): Nischala Murthy Kaushik

Today, I’m happy to post an interview with Nischala Murthy Kaushik, blogger extraordinaire whose posts have been tweeted by Hollywood celebs like Alyssa Milano and shared by Guy Kawasaki (former chief evangelist of Apple). Nischala has written for internationally popular blogs such as Problogger, has been listed among ‘Indian women to follow on Twitter‘, and is counted among the most popular Indian bloggers.

In this latest installment of the How They Did It series on this blog (a series that chronicles the journey of successful writers from newbies to writing stars, and where the writer offers tried-and-tested tips), Nischala offers an insight into what went into making her blog a success, and how newbie bloggers can hope to get more readers.

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How They Did It (Authors): Rasana Atreya

I’m happy to post the second interview in the How They Did It series, a series that will chronicle the journey of successful authors, freelance journalists and bloggers  from newbie to success.

Author Rasana Atreya’s first book was short-listed for the Tibor Jones South Asia prize, an award given to an unpublished manuscript that is seen as having potential, by a jury comprising publishing biggies such as Urvashi Butalia and Amit Chaudhuri.

Though the manuscript didn’t eventually win the prize, Rasana was offered a publishing contract. Where many writers would have walked away with the  contract firmly in their pocket, Rasana turned it down. In favor of self-publishing her first book. That’s right! (Read her piece explaining her reasoning in The Hindu Literary Review).

In the interview below, Rasana talks at length about her decision to self-publish and the pros and cons of doing it all yourself, with helpful advice for those considering the option. Mainly though, she advises having fun with the whole process, since you’re the boss!

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