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The How They Did It Series (Interviews of popular authors, bloggers and freelance journalists on how they made it, with advice for newbie and mid-level writers.):
Interview with author Yashodhara Lal 
Interview with blogger Nischala Murthy Kaushik
– Interview with author Milan Vohra

The Writing Tips section
Why Precision in Your Writing Matters

About the blogger: I am a freelance writer based in Bangalore, India. I write for publications such as CNN, Marie Claire US, South China Morning Post, Business Standard and more.

Networking Dreams of a Writer

English poet John Donne’s famous (but admittedly hackneyed) line ‘No man is an island’ can be especially apt for a writer. Networking with like-minded writers or authors who have already made it can have immense benefits, as opposed to writing in isolation.

For a long time, I kept my dream of becoming an author deeply buried within me, barely acknowledging it to my own self, leave alone to others around me. I made little headway with that approach.

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How They Did It (Authors): Advaita Kala

This week, we continue the How They Did It series on this blog (a series of interviews that chronicles the journey of successful writers from newbies to writing stars) with an interview with the super-talented author and scriptwriter, Advaita Kala. Advaita’s first book Almost Single was a publishing trend-setter in India. The super-picky Publisher’s Weekly described it in truly positive terms (…Kala achieves what many cannot—she makes her readers laugh aloud…”). Not one to rest on her laurels, Advaita followed it up with writing the script for the commercial and critical success, Kahaani. So, without further ado, presenting Advaita Kala! Continue reading How They Did It (Authors): Advaita Kala

The Importance of Being E(a)rnest

No, this post is not about the play, nor is it about the movie. It’s about a quality all successful freelancers share — being earnest (aka sincere, aka dependable).

Let’s face it, there’s actually no dearth of talented writers out there. The world today is filled with wonderfully eloquent and awe-inspiringly articulate folks. Do we really need another writer? Yes, if she is not just talented but dependable too.

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7 Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance for Freelancers

So many of us believe that working from home is a guarantee to achieving work-life balance. It sounds like a no-brainer, right? You don’t need to commute, don’t need to need to waste time putting together the perfect work-day outfit, don’t have to rush through breakfast. To the harried office-goer, freelancing or working-from-home seems like the panacea for all evils.

But the truth is, work-life balance can be challenging even for freelancers. Let me count the ways.

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