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The Positives & Perils of Perfectionism

If I could go back in time and offer some benefit of hindsight to my younger, tightly-wound self, it would be this: ease up on the perfectionism.

While being  a perfectionist is great for a writer, since it pushes you to do better and to fine-tune your output, it can have tremendous disadvantages if left uncontrolled.

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Why Precision in Your Writing Matters

I had an interesting conversation on the subject of Precision with the husband a few days back. And since then, I have been mulling about how what he said applies to writers as well.

Basically, he gave a few examples of excellence and precision (yup, we’re geeks, him more than me, so yes, we do talk like that now and then! ) : Lego, Swiss watches and German machine tools…no, this is not a plug (at least not a paid one) for any of these products…but each one is known for, you guessed it — Precision: Exacting standards in product-making, which makes the product stand out over every other competitor.

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Writing Life & ‘The Year of Penny’

Like some of you might know, the character of Penny in the American sitcom Happy Endings (that was playing in India in 2012-13) is a sweet nerd, who decides at the beginning of every year that it’s going to be ‘The Year of Penny’. You know — the year when she gets a cool job/gets promoted/finds Mr. Right etc.

Inspired by Penny, I decided at the beginning of 2013 that this was going to be ‘The Year of Bhakti’ (I’m just nerdy enough to not find that corny). This was the year I was going to write for the New York Times and complete my novel. This was also the year when I was going to stick to a diet and lose weight. See, I thought my time had finally come. My kid was over a year old, and I had mostly got the hang of things vis-a-vis motherhood. Or so I thought. Continue reading Writing Life & ‘The Year of Penny’