How They Did It (Authors): Advaita Kala

This week, we continue the How They Did It series on this blog (a series of interviews that chronicles the journey of successful writers from newbies to writing stars) with an interview with the super-talented author and scriptwriter, Advaita Kala. Advaita’s first book Almost Single was a publishing trend-setter in India. The super-picky Publisher’s Weekly described it in truly positive terms (…Kala achieves what many cannot—she makes her readers laugh aloud…”). Not one to rest on her laurels, Advaita followed it up with writing the script for the commercial and critical success, Kahaani. So, without further ado, presenting Advaita Kala! Continue reading How They Did It (Authors): Advaita Kala

How They Did It (Authors): Rasana Atreya

I’m happy to post the second interview in the How They Did It series, a series that will chronicle the journey of successful authors, freelance journalists and bloggers  from newbie to success.

Author Rasana Atreya’s first book was short-listed for the Tibor Jones South Asia prize, an award given to an unpublished manuscript that is seen as having potential, by a jury comprising publishing biggies such as Urvashi Butalia and Amit Chaudhuri.

Though the manuscript didn’t eventually win the prize, Rasana was offered a publishing contract. Where many writers would have walked away with the  contract firmly in their pocket, Rasana turned it down. In favor of self-publishing her first book. That’s right! (Read her piece explaining her reasoning in The Hindu Literary Review).

In the interview below, Rasana talks at length about her decision to self-publish and the pros and cons of doing it all yourself, with helpful advice for those considering the option. Mainly though, she advises having fun with the whole process, since you’re the boss!

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How They Did It (Authors): Yashodhara Lal

I’m starting a new series on this blog, called How They Did It. And yes, like the name suggests, each post will chronicle the journey of a successful author, journalist or blogger. Each interview will delve into how that writer overcame the usual challenges faced by the newbie, to emerge successful (and published!).

I’m happy to begin the series with an interview with one of the genuinely funny authors in contemporary Indian popular fiction — Yashodhara Lal. Her first book (published by HarperCollins India), with the kitschy title of Just Married, Please Excuse, was a laugh riot. Her new book Sorting out Sid promises to be just as funny.

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The Importance of Being E(a)rnest

No, this post is not about the play, nor is it about the movie. It’s about a quality all successful freelancers share — being earnest (aka sincere, aka dependable).

Let’s face it, there’s actually no dearth of talented writers out there. The world today is filled with wonderfully eloquent and awe-inspiringly articulate folks. Do we really need another writer? Yes, if she is not just talented but dependable too.

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7 Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance for Freelancers

So many of us believe that working from home is a guarantee to achieving work-life balance. It sounds like a no-brainer, right? You don’t need to commute, don’t need to need to waste time putting together the perfect work-day outfit, don’t have to rush through breakfast. To the harried office-goer, freelancing or working-from-home seems like the panacea for all evils.

But the truth is, work-life balance can be challenging even for freelancers. Let me count the ways.

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